SOVEREIGNTY CLUB (hereinafter S.C.)  An investment club and political asylum. Primary investment interests are in Real Estate, Private Banking, Money Brokering, Negotiable Instruments, Gold and Silver Trading, and education on law matters.  The term Sovereignty has it’s roots in context to mean “rule over self”.  This is achieved by bodies of people who are organized and handle their own commercial affairs therefore determining there own destiny. The idea behind S.C., is that we assemble a body of people, collectively securing investment opportunities, deals, and education for members that we maintain control over from the Private Sector.  

What a political asylum means.

Asylum – (institution for the protection of the relief of the unfortunate).

In this case S.C. acts as does a political asylum in that we first educate members on how to be removed from political oppression and prejudice through law while providing protection from certain legal and lawful matters that they may face.  Additionally we instruct on proper manners of Asset Protection, Contracting, Private Banking, etc. which protects everything connected to the individual living soul. We educate on Status and Right Standing in Law so that if ever there be court issues to address, the individual club member has an established body of people on record that gives them the ability to choose where to take a contract dispute for mediation or arbitration.  This means that contract disputes can be pre-established on the record so that first jurisdiction does not fall under the Courts of the United States Incorporated.

To add, if there be a need to enter into a U.S.A. inc. court, one may enter under the protection of an established membership within a society (S.C.) that is on the record and can be verified.  To make this clear, nothing protects anyone who has actually committed a crime that can be proven, but membership into a body of people separates the civilized from the uncivilized in how you are treated and if need be, sentenced.  Those who organize and formulate groups that move collectively in commercial affairs have the power to secure bonds against politicians and legislators therefore that body of people contribute in determining the outcome of laws.

We must comprehend…….public officials are public servants who serve the interests of those with Standing in Law.  Bodies of People who are on the record have legal and lawful Standing that those outside of them who operate as individuals do not have.  Politicians must have a bond on record that is not secured by their own funds because the idea is that they are to hold the faith and trust of the public.  So the loyalty and concerns of politicians comes first to the U.S.A. inc. posterity but also to those who control their bonds.  If a wealthy individual offers money for “political favors” this is legally classified as bribery.  However, if a body of people are the holders in due course of a bond or portion of a bond that is done on the record, that is not a direct payment in exchange for favors.  Additionally you must remember that Judges are elected officials. Still yet where there is an absence of a civilized body of people operating on behalf of it’s own commercially, individuals outside of a claimed body will not have the same opportunities or general treatment.   



THE NEED – The need for S.C. began as the continued mis-education on sovereign matters has spread across the Earth with countless numbers of individuals being harmed from what we here have deemed ‘Sovereign Mythology’.  Several “sovereign” con-artists disguised as those of noble character sprung up and are defrauding innocent and sincere truth seekers, particularly those suffering the massive foreclosure fraud.  Promises to save homes from foreclosure with so-called UCC filings and Nationality claims caused a pandemic of divorces, sibling rivalries, job loss, and destroyed personalities and relationships at large. It is our hope that we can begin to help heal the people from these catastrophes!  Simply put the best way to really comprehend what is going on here on Earth particularly when it comes to what people are relating to as “sovereignty” is in understanding Real Estate, Commerce, and Money Brokering.



THE MISSION – Help heal the people who have been psychologically and emotionally damaged from the myths perpetuated in the sovereign citizen movement.   Help people heal from the foreclosure fiasco losing their homes.  Through Private Banking and pooling our resources and efforts we can place our people in homes that they will never have to be concerned with foreclosure again.  Broadening this independent wealth building organization via Private Banking and investing.  Providing a true source of affordable health care and housing.  Returning true home possessorship through Homesteading where these properties can’t be taken from individuals by mortgages or taxes.  Establishing Right Standing in Law for those who are sincere, honest, and trustworthy.

Who can join?  Please see our requirements for acceptance page.


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